Commercial Real Estate in Tempe, AZ

Colton Commercial creates high-value partnerships through genuine sales, leasing services, and management services just as if we owned your property ourselves. Since 1981, we’ve been providing businesses peace of mind in their property investments.

Our Services

At Colton Commercial, we help businesses throughout Tempe, AZ both find the perfect location and efficient management for that location.

Brokerage Services

Colton Commercial helps you find the healthiest commercial real estate for your business, both for sale and lease. We help negotiate the best deal for you so you can focus on your company’s goals and vision instead of spending too much time on location.

Property Management Services

Each client receives a customized approach to the management of his or her property in order to maximize the health of the investment. Each asset is treated as if it were our own and handled with integrity and accountability.

Colton Commercial offers best-in-class, agile services to our clients by delivering constant personalized attention and resources, in contrast to large bureaucratic real estate service providers.

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Negotiate the healthiest deal for your investment


Maximize the health of your property



We treat your investment as if we owned it ourselves. Colton Commercial connects small-space property owners with high-value relationships to ensure the health of your investment.

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Brokerage Services

Direct: (480) 894-3633
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Property Management Services

Direct: (480) 894-3630
Direct Fax: (480) 894-3631
Email: info@coltoncommercial.com