Colton Realty and Development was incorporated

Name changed to Colton Realty LTD

Built and moved into LEED building

First Government Contract

Property Management added to services provided

Client’s Goals Are Our Goals


Colton Commercial offers best in class, agile service to our clients by delivering constant personalized attention and resources, in contrast to large bureaucratic real estate service providers.


We at Colton Commercial believe in treating each customer with world class care, while being responsible as consummate professionals and expert in our respective positions

Value Statements

  • Our team is accountable
  • Our team is dedicated to our clients
  • Our team operates with a “Can Do” Attitude
  • Our team believes that service to others is a verb
  • Our team has the integrity that our clients can rely on
  • Our team will learn new skills that will benefit our clients
  • Our team will be respectful and mindful of our clients and their time
  • Our team pledges to maintain a discipline and dedication to transparency in all we do
  • Our team enjoys their work and encourages each other with teamwork and friendliness
  • Our team of professionals will be trained and offered growth opportunities to build from within organization


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“PCDIC was very impressed with Mr. Dan Colton’s excellent work ethic and was always available to PCDIC. Had we not hired Mr. Colton, PCDIC would have probably paid considerably more with an asset manager firm and not sure if we would have had the same success PCDIC had with Mr. Dan Colton”

– Roberto Franco


“I have enjoyed working with Colton Commercial and found them to be professional, transparent, responsive and capable of managing this property for the city of Tempe.”

– Larry Schmalz